Who We Are

Kenilworth-Winnetka Dance Club (“KWBC”) is a ballroom dance school whose mission is to enrich the Northshore community through dance. At KWBC, our top priority is to offer the finest and highest quality ballroom dance lessons through our collaboration with the Kenilworth Park District.

What We Offer

Our Mission

We are dedicated to being a part of our community and sharing our passion to increase cultural awareness and arts enrichment by fully supporting and fostering the arts program. As instructors, we are devoted to teach, inspire, encourage, support, and instill the love of dance in our students.

We aim to develop your ability, confidence and understanding of the dances that make up the different styles. Your growth and enjoyment on the dance floor are important goals we stride for. We are passionate in guiding our students to develop their own artistry, self-expression, and creativity

Our core values embody who we are as a dance school, guide our decisions and inspire us. We strongly believe and stand firm in our customer service, integrity and accountability. We always put our students first.

At KWBC, we are fully committed to support our students artistically and to provide them with the opportunity to grow and excel in their ballroom dance journey. We are dedicated to build a community of ballroom dancers and to provide the community with a place to learn and enjoy the art of dance. We wholeheartedly believe that dance is an art where age has no boundaries. We encourage you to see what we have to offer at the intimate historical setting of the Kenilworth Historical Building.

Our core values embody who we are as a dance school,
guide our decisions and inspire us.

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